The name propolis comes from the Greeks and means Pro, meaning before, and Polis, meaning City. Propolis is translated as defences before the City or Defender of the City. The city of bees or hive being protected from the invasion from the outsiders, including the 'infection'. Bees produce propolis and use it to protect themselves and to create a most sterile environment. As well as providing a functional role in sealing and reinforcing the hive, propolis also performs a role of the immune system for the hive and acts as antibiotic, anit-viral and anti-fungal system. This sticky, brown resinous substance is collected by honeybees from various plants . As well as sterilising their home against infection, bees also use Propolis as a multi-purpose cement and varnish. It is rich in amino acids and has a high contents of vitamins, including bioflavanoids. Propolis when refined can be used as a health product for humans and animals consumption.

Available as:

Raw Propolis, Purified Propolis Resin Chips, Propolis Powder, Propolis liquid extract, Propolis tablets, pills and capsules (available for human consumption or for animal feed)


Propolis is know as a powerful Natural Antibiotic.

Research have shown Propolis to be effective against:


-Breathing difficulties

-Gastro-intestinal problems

-Dermatological disorder.

-Blood disorder

-And many more. Contact us for further information.


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Propolis can be used in many applications and can be used to produce creams, mouthwash, toothpaste, throat syrup etc. It can also be used in animal feed for cattle, horses, dogs, sheep etc. to improve general health or specific diseases.

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